follow these instructions carefully for best results.

Want the absolute best results for your spray tan? Follow these rules. 

Your results are 50% application technique & 50% proper preparation.


Book your tan 1-3 days prior to your event. Please do not schedule your tan for the same day as your special event, the tan takes 24 hours to fully develop.

Schedule any waxing, massages, lashes,

+ mani/pedis at least 24 hours before your tan. Don't worry, spray tans don't stain hair + nails, or ruin eyelash extensions.

The day before:

Shower using a liquid body wash, (no Dove, Bath & Body Works, etc!) shave if needed, exfoliate, + apply lotion overnight.

Please don't exfoliate + shave right before your tan.

What to Wear:

You may tan in underwear, swim suit, or totally nude. Don't forget to wear loose clothing + sandals to wear after the tan.


Avoid water, showering, + sweating for 2 - 12 hours following your tan. Your spray tan tech will advise you on when to rinse.

When it's time to rinse, shower using Buttercup sulfate free liquid body wash, or any sulfate free liquid body wash. Please don't use Dove, Bath & Body Works, etc. Avoid using a loofah or anything that might exfoliate your fresh tan.

Moisturize your skin daily using our Tan Extend lotion or body butter, or any good quality lotion. Avoid any products that contain alcohol, mineral oil or parabens.

Tips + Tricks:

Prepare for your appt by removing all makeup + deodorant. Please be ready on time for your appointment, our set up takes just a few mins and we run on a tight schedule. If you're running behind, please let us know as soon as possible.

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